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Master Website Designing Course: HTML, CSS, JS / JQ, Best Basic to Advanced Course Web Designing Course In The World!

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Created by Rehan Riaz Last updated Wed, 13-May-2020
What will i learn?
  • In This Web Designing Course You Will Be Able To Learn How to Create a Website.
  • Learn How to Setup a Online Website Using Filezilla
  • Learn How to Link your Domain With Cpanel
  • You Will Be Able to Create a Website Using HTML, CSS, Js/JQ
  • You Will Be able to Use Cpanel
  • How to Manage Domain Panel
  • In This Web Designing Course You Will Get To Learn Step by Step Procedure of Web Designing

Curriculum for this course
41 Lessons
Getting Started
4 Lessons
  • Basic Installation and Environment Setup
  • Basic HTML Tags
  • Images, lists and tables in HTML
  • Forms and HTML Input Tags
  • Iframes, HTML Entities and Symbols
  • Media, Video and audio and plugins
  • Getting started with Cascading Style Sheet - CSS
  • Classes, Selectors and attributes
  • Pseudo classes and box modeling
  • More on box modeling
  • Creation of stylish navigation bar
  • Media queries and basic css animations
  • Getting started with Bootstrap v4
  • Heading, Paragra, Images and other basic tags styling in bootstrap
  • Jumbotron and Responsive navigation bar
  • BootStrap Grid View I
  • BootStrap Grid View II
  • Live Project - Designing fully functional responsive web page
  • Front End Designing Test 00:00:00
  • Getting started with JavaScript a deep history
  • Variables type and operators
  • Connecting HTML DOM with JavaScript
  • Control Structures I - if logics
  • Control Structures II - Loops
  • Control Structures III - Intervals
  • Intervals and time based working testing Marks 25 00:00:00
  • Functions in JavaScript ES6
  • More on Functions in JavaScript ES6
  • JavaScript CRUD Operations I Adding dynamically records to html table
  • JavaScript CRUD Operations II Editing and deletion records from html table
  • Showing and hiding HTML DOM Elements on condition basis
  • Getting started with JQuery a JavaScript library
  • A quick comparison between classic JavaScript and JQuery
  • Jquery Animations and Fading Elements
  • Sending requests and receiving JSON data in respnose using Jquery
  • Jquery CRUD Operations
  • Installation of wordpress on local host
  • Installing modules and plugins in wordpress for e-commerce site
  • Styling and managing appearence for wordpress site
  • Installation of woocommerce plugin for managing and receiving orders
  • Instructor Requirements and Submission Guidelines
  • No prior design or coding knowledge required!
  • Any operating system: Mac, PC, Linux
  • You Should Be able to Use a PC/Laptop
  • Valid Internet Connection
  • Skype and zoom installed on system
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Duration: 2 Months (4 days a week class)

Passing and certification criteria

Student must achieve 75% marks in overall assessments, quizes and assignments from the instructor and he / she must have direct and good communication with instructor time to time.

Instructor's Message

In this Web Designing Course, I provide you the best quality web designing training, in this Web Designing Course modules I describe in-depth knowledge of web designing skills practically. After learning this web designing course you will be able to create any kind of website easily, you will be able to manage Hosting Cpanel, Domain Cpanel, Filezilla, HTML, CSS, JavaScript / JQuery.

Objective of Training Program

To make you an expert in Web Designing & Understand How to create a website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J Query.

To Make you earn online with the help of Google Adsense.

Outcome of Website Designing Course

After Learning This Web Designing Course you will have enormous confidence in yourself to creating website.

After Successful Completion of this Website Designing course you not only become a web designer, but, you will be able to earn from websites.

Advance Website Designing Course with 7+ hour’s video lectures covers in 40 Videos.

Introduction To Website Designing Course 

Learn HTML

Start Learning HTML

How to Use Head & Body Section In HTML

How To Create Heading Tags & Paragraph Tags In HTML

How to Highlight Text In HTML Web Page

How To Create Links In HTML

How To Insert Images In HTML

How To Create Tables in HTML

Properties Of Tables

How To Create Lists in HTML?

How To Use Title & Meta Tags?

Learn CSS

What is CSS?

Line Height Property in CSS

Body Background In CSS

How to Use Class & IDs in CSS

How to Create DIVs in CSS

How to Manage Positioning in CSS?

How to Decorate Links in CSS?

How to Manage External, Internal & Inline CSS?

Start Learning JavaScript

What is JavaScript?

How to Create Conditions in JavaScript?

If & Else Statement in JavaScript?

How to use comments in JavaScript?

Logical Operators?

Arithmetic Operators

Learn Use of Assignment Operators

How to Use Comparison Operators in JavaScript?

Learn what is Data types and how to use?

Functions in JavaScript

What are Scopes in JavaScript?

How to Create Alerts in JavaScript?

What is While Loop & How to Use While Loops?

What is For Loops and How to Use For Loop?

What is Block Nesting & How to Use?

Switch Statement?

Prompt in Javascript

Variables in JavaScript

How to Use Complex Comparison?

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About the instructor
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Well don't know what to say about you self my students can describe about my expertise better after watching me delivering the lecture and about your understandings. If you know more about myself directly please feel free to contact me on Facebook link in my profile

Rehan Riaz, BSCS in Computer science studying MSCS currently is a computer science teacher and developing web and desktop systems using

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
  • Angular Js
  • PHP & MySql
  • Laravel
  • Code ignitor
  • React and React Native
  • Java
  • Android Application Development
  • and many other tools that are using in the world of web design and development
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  • Thu, 02-Apr-2020
    Ali Vijdan
    Techinn Solutions is a massive library of knowledge and experience for people who want to learn more about web design. I recommend the course of web design classes by Rehan Riaz. They are high quality classes and you learn a lot from his videos.
  • Wed, 13-May-2020
    Afaq Ameer
    Best course in affordable price, i can't imagine being learning from home they are giving the best they can. I personally not in favor of online learning but after learning this course i am convinced, i request to everyone must try.
  • Wed, 13-May-2020
    M Bilal bilal
    Learned a lot of web developing knowledge from Tech Inn.Very nice content for beginners.Best of Luck
  • Wed, 13-May-2020
    zafir saeed
    Amazing way of teaching I learn A to Z of knowledge about web development in a very short time.They prefer practical more then theory. Assignments and Home Work giving you a chance for improving your skills.
  • Wed, 13-May-2020
    Asad Mughal
    Techinn Solutions is one of the best institute in Pakistan. If any student free from intermediate, and interested in IT field and in Web Development i specially recommend them don't waste your time just enroll the course. I also Learned Web Development from here and now i am Job holder in good company. The instructor Sir Rehan is very genius person in Software Development. So get skills if you got skills from your intermediate level then when you go in University level you teach your friends because of you already a Programmer. But coding Practice is very important for Good Programmer. Anyhow see that comment wish you best of luck. Again I tell you when you enter this field keep practice of coding this is important. Thanks.